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Dear Students,I am happy that you are joining our Institute for pursuing the course of study of your choice. This introduction to our Institution speaks of those features that reaffirm our faith in, and commitment to, the essential task of helping you transform yourself into a careerist in Engineering and Technology.

I am sure you will make the best use of the courses offered, facilities provided and opportunities created here in your interest. I am quite confident that you will address yourself to the tasks of learning with a tremendous sense of involvement and come out successful with flying colours in your cherished Endeavour. Let me greet you at the beginning of an academic journey towards the goal of a rewardingly prosperous career.

Dr S.A. Muzeer, M.E,Ph.D.
contact: +91 9666125732

    India is being recognized as one of the fastest growing economics in the world. Our immense pool of knowledge workers, a vast population of young and energetic professionals and a large vibrant domestic technology powered by global vision provide us a tremendous platform for long term goals and growth. In this path to stupendous growth and development the role and responsibility of academic institutions are very crucial. Especially the institutions imparting technical education in the remote and rural areas must focus on creating future to much deprived areas in the fast growing age SRI CHAITANYA TECHNICAL CAMPUS, Rangareddy-Telangana consistently aims to train and develop knowledgeable technocrats competitive and comparable to the best. The college structures its curricula according JNTU-Kakinada and updates itself continuously to metes the demanding needs of the corporate world. Training is aided by adequate technology. Projects and presentations, innovation, entrepreneurship, Personality development, soft skills and communication skills are all emphasized to transform students into competent professionals.

The real test of any Engineering college is the quality of placements it provides to its students and their remarkable performance with wide applause SRI CHAITANYA TECHNICAL CAMPUS ensures that the talent of its students is appreciated and rewarded. I wish and invite the interested aspirants to be a part of the system.