Diploma in Engineering

A diploma in engineering (Polytechnic) teaches a student all the fundamental concepts of engineering, all specialized fields such as electrical engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, computer and IT engineering.
A diploma in engineering is an extremely professional course where students can choose their specializations and pursue their career interest. Once the students earn their diplomas, they can take up a job in the engineering field. Another advantage of a diploma in engineering(Polytechnic) is that students can a get chance to enter into the degree college in the second year. In the second year of Degree College a few percentage of seats are reserved for diploma students depending on the diploma that a student has selected.
Hence this diploma is also referred to as ‘backdoor to degree engineering’. Thus all engineering aspirants can take up a diploma course in this field and become the future engineers of the country

We offer the list of following Branches

CIVIL Engineering

  • To design, planning, managing and  supervise the construction of roads, pavements, hill roads , road drainage system, pipelines,  towers and buildings, dams, power stations for electricity, embankments, construction of canals, head works, river training works, cross drainage works, regulatory and other Civil Engineering structures which should be  safe, economical and environmentally-sound.
  • Includes the jobs of detailed surveying, plotting of survey data, preparation of survey maps .
  • To supervise operations involving proportioning, mixing, transporting, placing, compacting, finishing and curing of concrete. 
  • Construction of water supply and providing portable water.
  • Collection and disposal of waste solids and liquids , sewage treatment works 
  • Preventing water logging and Irrigation works by tube wells.
  • To supervise fabrication and erection of steel structures.
  • To design simple steel structural elements.
  • Make changes in design depending upon availability of materials. 

Job Opportunities:

  • Civil engineers may specialise as chief civil engineers, construction engineers, municipal engineers, structural engineers, transport engineers, or water supply distribution engineers.
  • Civil and public health engineers may work in the private sector as consulting engineers, project managers or construction contractors or in a wide range of government departments.
  • Work opportunities for civil engineers are affected by fluctuations in the building and construction industry. As a result, the number of opportunities may rise or fall over a short period of time.
  • Prestigious civil engineering projects such as express highway, Railway project, large dams and various bridges, water Resources and Environmental Projects, Transportation/Traffic   in India and abroad require Civil Engineers.
  • Teaching/Research/Management

Mechanical Engineering

  •  Repair and maintenance of machine parts.
  • Estimating and costing
  • Design of components/ parts/ jigs / fixtures.
  • Supervising production processes with a view to adhere to the specifications, optimum utilization of resources and achieving desired production targets
  • Responsible for controlling production and quality of the product on the shop floor as well as be responsible for production, planning and control
  • Erection, installation, calibration and testing of equipment .

Job Opportunities :

  •  Machine Tool Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Railway
  • Thermal plants
  • Govt. Departments like PWD, B&R
  • Now a days mechanical engineering diploma holders do find good opportunities in Army Navy and & Air force.